5 Tips on How to Get the Best Out of ED Pills

While its popularity is skyrocketing everyday, misconceptions are also mounting. Here are 5 tips on how to maximize the benefits of Viagra.

Tip 1: Take the tablet at least 30 minutes before sex. It will give you enough time to indulge in foreplay or other means to get aroused and be ready for intercourse.

Tip 2: The blue pill works best when taken on an empty stomach or with a meal which is low in fat. Fat may inhibit absorption of the drug into the system. Even if you cannot avoid a fatty meal, make sure you have it 2 hours before taking the medicine.

Tip 3: Do not panic if you are not successful at your first or second attempt. For most men with erectile dysfunction, Viagra works right away. But in case it does not, you may need to relax a bit mentally. Taking your mind off sex for some time may help. If this too doesn't help, talk to your doctor. A little adjustment in the dosage may solve your problem.

Tip 4: Do not hurry as if it is the end of the world. Take your time and build the mood both for yourself and your partner. You have 4 hours to enjoy sex, so start kindling the fire slowly and rest assured, you will have your partner caught in heat of the moment very shortly.

Tip 5: It sometimes helps to even ignore that you are on Viagra, because if you become too self-conscious about the medicine, your emotional involvement may not be at its best.