Finding Paid Forum Posting Jobs

Online message forum jobs are abundant. Webmasters who run forums want professionals to write messages, moderate the discussions and start interesting conversations. You can find part time or even full time work managing these types of forums. You can get paid per post or paid per hour.

What's so great about online forums?

Online forums are social networking at its finest. Web 2.0 is all about social media. On an online forum, people share tips, get advice, have conversations and sell their wares. A forum is only as good as the content though so many webmasters are interested in hiring people to get the community going, keep messages moving and if the forum gets big enough, there can also be paid forum moderation and administration jobs available as well.

Some online community jobs pay a few cents a post to a few dollars per thread and many of them offer shared revenue opportunities from advertisers as well.

Those who are good conversationalists and decent writers can find part-time or even full time incomes by being a professional forum poster.

Here are some tips for being a great poster:

-Find out about the subject matter at hand. You can have better luck posting valuable content if you know what the topic at hand is. Most forums are niche specific and a little bit of time researching can make you a better poster.

-Start open ended discussions to get conversations moving. When you open a new thread, make sure you write in a way that will inspire people to reply.

-Post in the right place. It's important that if you're being paid to post on a forum you're not making more work for the site's webmaster or moderator so take the time to choose your board carefully.

-Avoid drama! Don't get into forum flame wars. It won't make you look like a professional and you probably won't be invited to come back as a paid poster

-Don't reveal your paid status. The webmaster wants paid posters to appear natural. While they're not trying to deceive anyone, the appearance of natural visitors and new members is helpful to the community's search engine optimization.

-Follow the rules. Do take the time to understand the rules of the game before playing.

If you do a great job, you can make decent money for posting conversations online.

How do you find forum posting jobs?

There are forum posting services that hire people with a pay per post model. You'll find lots of forum posting agencies online. Also, if you want to go on your own, visit forums and send a private message to the site owner to advertise your services. You might choose to post on a forum for free for a while to show that site owner what you can do or you might also choose to share your profile at other sites in order to get new forum jobs.