Guest Blogging Tips: Bad Blogs for Guest Posting

Now that traditional link building is dead, many webmasters are turning to guest blogging as a means to obtain quality links to their websites. But for this strategy to achieve utmost favorable results, one must not only write top-notch guest posts, one must also submit them to the right blogs.

Not all blogs that accept guest posts are suitable for a guest posting campaign. Look for obvious signs of low-quality blogs that can hurt your SEO efforts if you associate with them. Guest blogging in unrelated or low quality blogs will do you no good, and may even harm your search engine ranking.

Below are two of the most typical signs of a low quality blog you should never guest post in.

1. Blogs Lacking / Less Original Content

Bloggers who take good care of their sites publish new entries at a steady rate. If a blog have more guest posts than contents authored by the owner, avoid it. That should tell you the owner is not actively involved in growing his or her blog, and is probably just using guest posts as a quick and cost-free way to add content to their site. What you want are blogs that have lots of rich content authored by the owner.

2. Blogs with High Guest Posting Acceptance Rate

A high acceptance rate regardless of quality is a big red flag. No webmaster or blogger will give away space on their site to badly written articles. Before you submit an article to a blog, first read the submission requirements and the published guest posts. You may also want to consider these questions first:
Are the guidelines very permissive (low or no minimum word count, multiple links allowed, no specific topic)?
– Do you see a lot of typographical, grammatical or factual errors in the guest contents?
– What about the guest author's site?
– Would you link to them yourself?

Becoming a guest blogger means you, a blogger, writes an article for another person's blog. You are identified as the author of the article, usually by a byline or bio at the end of the article. You may also be allowed one or more back links to your own website. Guest blogging is meant to benefit everyone: the host blogger receives quality content, your site gets free exposure, and reader experience is enriched.

However, guest posting can only be as good as the articles you write and the blogs you submit them to. Writing articles for the wrong blogs just for the sake of a back link is a mistake that can have very serious SEO consequences. While you may have no trouble getting posts approved at these sites the links you get will have no lasting value. Any improvement in your rankings due to them will be marginal and temporary. Eventually, Google will catch up to what's going on and devalue those links.