SEO Tips to Optimize Websites For Search Engines Using Strategies Suggested by Google

Optimizing Websites for Search Engines – Some Tips for Webmasters

Webmasters have always been looking for tips on how they can optimize websites for search engines. SEO is a very wide subject which is misunderstood more often than not by webmasters who do not really have an understanding on how search engines operate. For those who have been looking for ways in which they can make their websites more user friendly and increase the visibility of their website, there are a few helpful tips given below which will make things easier:

More Relevant Links Always Help

The number of pages which are indexed by Google from a website is proportional roughly to the PageRank of the site. What this means is that more pages of the site will be indexed if the website has more inbound links. However, only relevant links help. Low quality links never really help get the same results. Google does not have any index cap. If all of pages of the website have enough good quality links, all of them would be indexed.

Avoid Slow Servers

A slow server can cause plenty of problems. If Google is only able to crawl two or three pages at a time, then there could be a limit set on the number of pages which would be fetched from t hat particular server. This could mean that there would be only a few pages of your site which will be indexed. Avoid hosting your website on slow or shared servers.

Do Not Use Duplicate Content On Your Website

One of the biggest things that could hurt your website is duplicate content. Google indexes web pages based on their PageRank. In case, some of the pages have content which has been copied from another source, these pages would be discarded which could be quite damaging to your website's ranking. A good website should have content which is interesting and of use to readers. Content is the most essential part of the web site and duplicate content can entirely mess up the PageRank. Also, Google passes the PageRank of the duplicate page back to the original page whenever it can.

The rel + canonical tag on the web page can be used when the page is a conceptual duplicate of the same things or products which are related. However, this tag is always not appreciated by Google. The ultimate right remains with the indexing team of Google to determine whether the content of the page is accidentally duplicated or not. The first thing that every webmaster should think of is to ensure that the content used on the web site is original and interesting for the users.

Affiliate Pages Will Never Get High PageRank

Any website which is an affiliate of another one where the pages and the content is very similar expect for the logo, then the page will definitely not get a high ranking. Any affiliate link that is detected by Google will not get any impressive PageRank.

These were just a few tips that webmasters can keep in mind if they want to use SEO effectively.