Tips For Boat Maintenance

Here are some of the tips which can help you keep your boat up and running: –

o Flush the engine each time it's used in salt water. Use "earmuffs" over the water intake and a freshwater hose. Tilt engine and rinse underneath to prevent salt buildup.

o Fill gas tank on the way back a full tank resists water build-up from condensation.

o Wash entire boat and trailer using soap and water. Zip Wax (by Turtle Wax) car wash soap contains wax and will not strip the wax from your boat. Do not use bleach or Soft Scrub except in emergencies. Re-wax the affected area after using these harsh products.

o Scrub the deck with a non-skid cleaner

o Dry all the metal, glass and flat surfaces. Standing water will leave mineral deposits and etch surfaces.

o Cover boat to protect it from sun and rain.

o Every 75 hours: replace spark plugs, clean fuel filter, change lower unit oil, grease engine / drive via the zerc fittings and inspect everything.

o Every 150 hours or once a year replace the impeller and fuel-water separator.

Engine / Running Gear maintenance tips include:

o Change oil frequently – following manufacturer's minimum recommendations or once each season.

o Check and replace any belts or hoses that appear to be deteriorating.

o Check for oil and / or water leaks every time before leaving the dock.

o Flush your engine with fresh water after operating in salt water.

o Check impellers and pumps to anticipate a failure.

o Watch for the beginning of corrosion and take measures to stop it before it becomes a problem.

o Check and service transmissions and lower units according to manufacturer's recommendations.

o Change fluids on a recommended schedule or at least once each season.

o Keep shafts and props in clean and good working order.

o Check all though-hull fittings. Make sure that their valves are operational and can be opened and closed.

o Check all water strainers to make sure that they are clean and free of debris.